Online Business Earnings – Too Good to Be True?

The high online business earnings being claimed by online markets seem too good to be true but they are not. Online marketing, network marketing, multi-level marketing or whatever you choose to call it has made some people very rich indeed, sometimes in a very short space of time. Some of these marketers actually post their earnings on their websites as proof. The business models of the successful companies actually work – Donald Trump has stated that if he was to start building his wealth from scratch, it would be in this industry, lending a great deal of credibility in the process. If it’s good for Mr Trump, it’s good for me. The critics who rubbish these claims are missing the point.  Admittedly, only a small proportion of people make these high earnings and it is by no means typical or average. Critics claim the earnings are absurd but they are not. The real issue is that only about 3% of people succeed in the industry. The legitimate companies make it clear in their literature that these high earnings are by no means guaranteed and are based on top earnings. Other critics claim that the marketing strategies can be misleading. Surely, with any business, online or brick and mortar, due diligence is required and can be obtained by reading literature, asking questions and doing research.   If you join one of these companies, after due diligence of course, enter with the mindset that you will succeed by being persistent and consistent. This means taking steps every day that will bring you closer to your goal. You must understand that it is hard work and expect frustrating result at times. You must have the belief that you are one of the 3% that succeeds, roll up your sleeves and enjoy the ride. To grow in this industry, you must associate yourself as much as possible with successful and experienced professionals who could provide the training, guidance and tips required for success. Personal development is also imperative – attend training seminars, listen to training calls and read books on the industry and on self improvement.  It is important that you plan your budget very carefully, so that you don’t run out of money quickly. As with any business cash flow is important. Try not to over-commit yourself financial. Some companies have entry levels depending on what you can afford and they tailor your marketing plan accordingly.  The network marketing industry is not a get rich quick scheme. Generally, what you put into it in terms of time, effort and resources is what you’ll get out of it in terms of earnings. However, the earnings are not too good to be true, ordinary people like us are making a fortune by entering with the right mindset and following a system persistently and consistently. Treat it as a business and not a hobby and you could surely be on your way to attain financial freedom and more important achieve your life’s goals.

Tips for Creating a Legitimate Online Business

In this article, I’ll be providing three tips for creating a real online business. We are constantly being bombarded everyday by marketers trying to sell so-called new methods for making money online or new methods for generating traffic. I buy many products, however, very few of these products have benefited me. They either don’t fit in my business model, require too much time or just don’t deliver.I won’t be getting into sample online business models or even ways to generate traffic. This article will focus more on the importance of creating a quality, legitimate online business built with high quality components. Okay, lets get started.Deliver on Your Free Gift
The free gift I am referring to is the report, ebook, video, etc., that you are offering in exchange for visitors’ names and email addresses. The tendency when promoting this free gift is to use hype in the bullet points. Bold claims are okay as long as you deliver. The content in your free gift should at least match your advertising if not exceed it. If you deliver real value here, then there’s a better chance of turning subscribers into buyers. On the other hand, if your free gift is garbage, then you probably won’t sell many if any products to your subscribers.Deliver on Your Products
Creating high quality paid products that deliver real value will pay long term dividends. There have been many inferior internet marketing products sold that were thrown together to make money fast. Those days are over. The internet is just way too competitive now and being in this business to only make money isn’t good enough. You have to be in it to truly help people. This attitude of desiring to help people will permeate throughout ever aspect of your business. One way to over deliver with your products is to demonstrate how to perform the steps you’re teaching. In other words, don’t just teach, show.Deliver Exceptional Customer Service
Outstanding customer service consists of answering emails in a timely manner, providing refunds without questioning, going the second mile with an occasional difficult customer that is unreasonable or just being accessible. In the beginning, your customer service may consist solely of you responding to customer emails. However, as your business grows, you may need to use a good support system and hire someone to assist you with providing exceptional customer service. Online businesses with poor customer service don’t last very long.